AAD Leadership Interviews

George J. Hruza, MD, MBA, FAAD

AAD President (2019-2020)

  • As the new president of the AAD, what are your main goals and objectives for the Academy? 8s
  • What barriers do you anticipate in pursuing these goals, and how does the AAD plan to overcome them? 88s
  • What is your message to the international community, and what can they expect from the AAD in 2019? 127s

Suzanne M. Olbricht, MD, FAAD

AAD President (2018-2019)

  • One of your objectives as President was to prepare the AAD to face rapid changes in the healthcare environment: what priorities did the AAD set to address this? 8s
  • During your presidency, who did you meet with to advance the AAD's goals? 60s
  • What did you enjoy most during your presidency? 90s

Robert Brodell, MD, FAAD

Chair, AAD Scientific Assembly Committee

  • What were some highlights of the AAD 2019 Annual Meeting? What was new this year? 8s
  • What aspects were most popular with attendees, and why do you think they were popular? 77s
  • What are some of the hottest topics in dermatology, and how did the meeting address them? 128s
  • How does medical education enhance the dermatologist's ability to improve patient treatment and education? 178s